Çalış (pronounced Chalush) is a growing resort, situated 5km from Fethiye town centre. Due to the abundance of new seaside properties and plans to extend the harbour it is becoming difficult to define where Fethiye ends and Çalış begins. This exciting development will bring more amenities to the area and increase property value, making Çalış a prime place to invest for the future.

Çalış already has lots of bars, restaurants and shops on its well established promenade and Fethiye is easily accessible by dolmus every few minutes or you can even take a water taxi across the bay. It’s long, uncrowded sand and shingle beach is great for children and the lovely breeze from the sea is wonderful on a hot sunny day and makes kite surfing and windsurfing a popular activity.

Because of the close proximity to Fethiye, Çalış is also a great location for living all year round. There is a growing community of ex-pats with social events arranged often, but equally the area offers plenty of culture to immerse yourself in to escape other Brits!